The set-up team, Congleton Town Hall, June 2022

We are pleased to say that the exhibition was a great success on the 24th and 25th June 2022. The members work was well represented and demonstrated skills in the traditional, contemporary and art genres. There were bed quilts (single to king sized), lap quilts, wall hangings, bed runners and a fun Xmas tree with all its lights on. Something to catch the attention of a wide range of visitors to the exhibition.

​There are a lot of people to thank:

  • The Deputy Mayor of East Cheshire, Councillor Rod Fletcher, and the Deputy Mayor of Congleton, Councillor Rob Morton, who took time out of their busy schedule to visit the exhibition.
  • Congleton Town Council and Congleton Inclosure Trust for sponsoring the event.
  • Our members for producing quilts worthy of exhibiting. There were new quilters as well as more experienced quilters willing to show their beautiful work.
  • Volunteers who gave their time willingly to help before, during and after the event.
  • Town Hall staff who were very generous of their time and support to help us make this a great experience. This includes the caterers who provided much needed refreshments.
  • The Congleton Chronicle for covering our event.
  • The Exhibition Committee, led by Jean Goddard, who worked tirelessly for many months to put this event on. Many could be heard to wail ‘never again‘ but I secretly believe they didn’t mean it!

​We also hosted the Quilters Guild of the British Isles, Contemporary Group exhibition called ‘UNCHARTED’. It was lovely to see the exhibits made by contemporary quilters from all over the four countries.

​Finally we have to thank Congleton Radio for attending and for creating the videos below. This was an unexpected surprise and a big delight. Many thanks for allowing us to share the videos. Please click on the links below to view..