Completed through the Covid pandemic lock downs. I first saw the end results at the 2022 Beartown P and Qs Exhibition in Congleton Town Hall and was fascinated by all the different ideas. The predominant colour changed each month. It must have been lovely to have received each month’s surprise offering in the post. A clever way of keeping people in touch with one another.

Ruth passed on the instructions for these Fabric postrards –

• Cut backing fabric 7” by 5” base fabric (to be cut down to finished size 6” by 4”).
• Layer onto a piece of thin batting. Design your scene and appliqué / quilt as appropriate.
• Trim to 6” by 4”
• Cut one piece heavy duty Vylene to give the card stiffness (6” by 4”). Bond a piece of light coloured cotton fabric to one side (this will be to write on the address and message). Use something like HeatNBond or similar.
• Using HeatNBond, join the picture (wadding side) to the Vylene, or use a small amount of craft glue or PVA. You should have 4 layers bonded together

  1. Fabric picture,
  2. Wadding
  3. Vylene
  4. Light coloured cotton fabric
    • Zigzag around the edge through all four layers. You may want to zigzag around the postcard twice to give a firm edge. A walking foot is advised.
    • You can mark out the back like a postcard and write the address and message. This can be sent through the post in a clear cellophane sleeve like you would get on a bought card. The stamp will go on the outside so that it can be franked. This is called ‘going naked’ !

Here’s a photo of some of the orange cards. A good mix of techniques and creative ideas.