The 2019 exhibition committee decided to cost the Buckeye Beauty raffle quilt to demonstrate the real expense in producing a quality quilt, which for many, becomes a treasured heirloom.

Fabric: For this colourful quilt we purchased fabric totaling £120.00 and although this includes the pieced top and binding we did add extras from our scrap boxes. Wadding was an additional £28.00.
Total cost of Fabric £ 148.00

Travel Costs: Trips to purchase fabric and to the long arm quilter (twice) etc. amounted to 146 miles at 45p a mile. Total cost £65
Time taken in traveling 10 hours. This was based on one person only but 4 people actually helped with the buying and visiting the long arm quilter. Total hours 10 at £7.50 an hour
Total travel costs £ 140.00

Construction Time: Cutting Time (15 hrs), sewing blocks (40 hrs), sewing blocks together and adding borders (28 hrs), quilting (8 hrs) and binding (2 hrs). Total 93 hours. This is 3 weeks work for one person.

Please note: While professional quilters will charge £12 to £20 an hour (or more) we have costed this on the minimum wage of £7.50 for demonstration purposes only. Many of us would not take on a commission for this price. The long arm quilting service cost £110 (kindly discounted as the quilt is for a charitable cause).

Total Construction time costs: £ 748

Additional Costs: Sewing notions, wastage, overheads etc. at 20% of total cost.
Total additional costs: £ 206

TOTAL COST: £ 1,242

The Exhibition Committee would like to thank Janet Whitewright for project management, all members who have contributed to this group quilt and to the Long Arm quilter, Alison Forbes Quilting For Bees, for her most generous discount.

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