The Beartown Buckeye Beauty  (as seen in the header) was the group quilt made for the exhibition in 2019, as first prize in the raffle.  It was a beautiful quilt made up of the Jacob’s Ladder block.  Members were given the ready cut pieces and each made a block (or two in some cases). These were joined together to make a whole top and a border was added.  This double bed quilt was long arm quilted by Alison Forbes from Quilting for Bees.

The  Beartown Buckeye Beauty was costed so that we could inform visitors of the value of a quilt.  Including labour (minimum wage of £7.50) the final cost of the quilt was estimated at £1,200.

The Beartown Bright Bonanza, as shown in the above photo,  was made by group members using the same block as the Buckeye Beauty, but in a different arrangement.

The ladies in the photo with Christine Davidson are original members of the group celebrating the 35th anniversary of the group; Joan Schreeve and Althea Principi